The Community of Lake Pine

At Lake Pine Colony Club in Medford, NJ, the community comes together to celebrate lake-centered living. Every year many activities are organized for members of Lake Pine.

The Community of Lake Pine

At Lake Pine Colony Club in Medford, NJ, the community comes together to celebrate lake-centered living. Every year many activities are organized for members of Lake Pine.

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Manager (Beach and Grounds)
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Clubhouse Rental Agent


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History of Lake Pine

Lake Pine was created from digging out a large stream full of bog iron ore supply at the nearby Taunton Furnace and Forge. In 1767, the furnace began firing and was supplied by the bog iron ore found in streams and swamps in the Pine Barrens. The iron that came from the ore was used to produce pipes, cookware, and cannonballs during the American Revolution.

In 1847, Joseph Hinchman inherited the Taunton property and converted the surrounding 2000 acres including Lake Pine into cranberry bogs. One of the colorful landmarks of the community is the dip in the crossroad of Taunton Boulevard and Falls Road.

In the early 1900s, a wagon was heading towards the Taunton Lake Hotel. It overturned on the sandy road and spilled its load of whiskey. From then on, the area was named Whiskey Hollow. In the 1920s, Lake Pine was called “Spirit Vale” as it helped describe the look of the mist that rose off the surface of the water early in the morning.

A deed was used to convey the land to a development company in 1924. The cranberry bogs were then dredged to make a mile-long lake. Building lots were sold and the construction of log cabins for summer residents began.

In 1926, Medford Township improved Taunton Road from a sandy surface to gravel, making travel to Lake Pine more accommodating. The Lake Pine Development Corporation was created and the construction of residential properties began. Many cabins were winterized during the 1950s. It was the time when Lake Pine became a year-round community. Many of the original log cabins built in 1938 are still used today.

The rich history of Lake Pine is full of hardships and fortitude. In 1940, the Taunton Lake Dam overflowed and flooded Lake Pine. The only way to travel on Taunton Boulevard was by rowboat. The following year, on April 20, 1941, there was a huge forest fire that consumed a great swathe of woods at Lake Pine and destroyed several homes on the East Lake Boulevard. Other residents watered down their log cabins to save their homes and to help keep the fire at bay.

With an eagerness to build a community for civic and social purposes, the residents formed the Lake Pine Colony Club in 1939. Currently still growing, The Colony Club is now in charge of the management of the community clubhouse and grounds and maintenance of the lake and dam.

Lake Pine consists of 477 homes with around 361 households that are members of the Colony Club. Lake Pine is a beautiful mile-long lake that boasts beautiful views. Colony Club members are allowed to kayak, canoe, swim, and catch some fish. There are three beaches along the lake for members to enjoy as well.

Together with the members, we organize and run various community events throughout the year. One of the largest events in Lake Pine is Lake Pine Days held over Labor Day week-end.

For more information about the history of the club and it's members, please see the Genesis of Lake Pine - lovingly compiled by Olivette Metzler in 1998. 


The information stated in this section is compiled from Medford Pioneering Township by Medford Historical Society (1975) and A Self-Guided Tour of 63 of Medford’s Historic Sites prepared by the Medford Historic Advisory Board (2004).