Welcome to Lake Pine Colony Club

A Private Lake Community

Bringing the Neighborhood Together

The Lake Pine community is nestled in the southwest area of Medford Township in Burlington County, NJ. Situated within the beautiful scenery of the Pine Barrens, Lake Pine is a close-knit community with a vibrant history.

The Lake Pine Colony Club was formed for civic and social purposes by the residents of Lake Pine in 1939.

The Colony Club is still thriving today and now handles the management of the community clubhouse and grounds as well as maintenance of the lake and dam.

Lake Pine is a mile-long lake that boasts beautiful views and is available for Colony Club members to kayak, canoe, swim, and catch some fish. There are three beaches along the lake for members to enjoy as well.

Colony Club members also help to organize and run various community events throughout the year. One of the largest annual events is Lake Pine Days, a weekend-long event of games, fishing, and community activities held on Labor Day weekend.

Notices and Reminders

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LPD 2014

Next Member Meeting

Our next Member Meeting is scheduled at the Clubhouse on Thursday, September 23rd at 7:00 pm.

2021 Membership Dues

Dues are now LATE!
Please email lpccmembership@gmail.com for more information.

Lake Pine Property Sales

Moving to Lake Pine? Realtors and title companies can contact lpccmembership@gmail.com for more information about property dues status. Please note that Lake Pine Colony Club is a 501(c)(7) Social Club.

Failure to pay Lake Pine Membership dues will result in a $1500 activation fee to join the club.

Kayak Line

Planning and Construction Approval

  • All construction with lakefront properties requires approval from the LPCC Board. Please review the Lakefront Construction page on this website prior to any construction requests.
  • State law prohibits any sand or fill to be placed in the lake.
  • No removal of trees, excavation, or disturbance of soil or vegetation within 50 feet of the lake.

Lake and Beach Status

Summer 2021

The LPCC Board of Trustees is currently reviewing our policies and beach procedures. Please honor the rules in place as of October 2020:

  • Water testing results are posted weekly at each of the beaches from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Water is not tested in the off season.
  • Please use precautionary measures when swimming. Swim at your own risk.
  • Please do not fish in the designated swimming areas.
  • Wear your tags at all times when using LPCC facilities.
  • All canoes and kayaks must be in their assigned slot. Boats in incorrect slots or on the ground will be considered abandoned and will be removed.
  • In accordance with County and State Rules: Individuals under the age of 16 are not permitted in the lake without adult supervision.
  • Any member use any of the LPCC recreational areas, lake, or beaches is done with the assumption of the risks.
  • Member boat decals are not given or transferred to nonmember boats. Their guests can use a member's boat with a guest tag and a member present.
  • Member guests can fish in designated areas with the member present.
  • Any boat belonging to a nonmember will be removed.
  • All beaches and recreational grounds are open sunrise until sunset.