Lake Pine Pickleball is back with the nice weather! A consistent weekly schedule where everyone can come out and play together has been created.

TENNIS & PICKLEBALL Players - Please be sure to close and lock the gate when finished and be courteous to the next group by packing up all of your belongings and trash.




LAKE PINE YARD SALE - May 18th @ 8am

Over 20 households will be participating in the Community Yard Sale this Saturday.

Rain Date- Sunday, May 19th.

beach clean-up

BEACH CLEAN-UP MAY 19th @ 10 am

We need all hands on deck Sunday May 19th starting at 10 am. Join the crew at the Clubhouse for cleaning assignments where you can best help us get ready for the season.

Spring Cleaning Task List-
-Rake leaves at all beaches
-Trim high grasses and weeds
-Remove dead branches
-Assemble new storage boxes
-Inventory safety supplies
-Clean bridge to South Beach

IMPORTANT! We will be checking all boats and paddleboards during this cleaning day to ensure they are properly marked and in the correct slip. To make sure there is no confusion, please have all boat tags applied by May 11th and move your boat to the slip number you were assigned in your 2024 membership packet.

All unmarked boats will be set aside to be claimed by the end of week. Any unclaimed boats will be put up for auction on a date soon to be announced. Your cooperation is appreciated.



    Project Free Trex Bench now Through March 2025

Actual drop off addresses and updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

Next Drop Off dates are:

May 18th
Memorial Day Wknd - TBD
June 1st

To date we've collected over 280 lbs of plastic! We're crushing it! Thanks to all who are participating. Trex (the brand who makes weather proof decking) has a plastic recycling program
open to communities like Lake Pine. See the picture below of items which qualify. No contribution is too small. Please
– save your Ziplock bags, your paper towel plastic wrapper, your Amazon shipping envelopes
and bubble wrap, produce bags and bread bags.
Just make sure all plastic is clean and dry.

Contact info you have questions or if you want to help: Email [email protected] or text 267-334-4834.
Thank you for your participation!

Nextrex items


LPCC Board Mtgs:

Mon., Jan. 29th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., Mar. 5th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., Apr. 9th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., May 7th @ 6:30 pm

Tues. Jun. 11th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., July 9th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., Aug. 13th @ 6:30 pm

Tues. Sept. 10th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., Oct. 8th @ 6:30 pm

Tues., Nov. 12th @ 6:30 pm

Tues. Dec. 10th @ 6:30 pm

*All Dates in italics have already occurred

General Member Mtgs:

Tues., Apr. 16th @ 7:00 pm

Tues. July. 16th @ 7:00 pm. -Elections

Thurs., Oct. 24, 2024 @ 7:00 pm - Annual Election & Gen. Meeting

Event Dates & Committee Mtgs:

Location Legend: (CH) = Clubhouse, (SB) = South Beach, (EB) = East Beach, (MB) = Main Beach,(LP) = Lake Pine

Feb. 6th - Clubhouse Improvement Comm Mtg

Feb. 11th - Souper Bowl Party

Feb. 21st - Lakefront Homeowners Mtg (CH) - 7 pm

Mar. 6th - Book Club @ 7pm (CH)

Mar. 15th-16th - Recycling Collection Begins (TBD)

Mar. 16th - Easter Egg Hunt @ 10am(CH&Lawn

Mar. 16th - St Paddy's Day Party (CH) @ 6pm

Mar. 31st - Deadline for Boat clean-up

Apr. 12th - Historical Society @ 7pm (CH)

May 1st - Book Club @ 7pm (CH)

May 3rd - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta @ 7pm (CH)

May 11th - Mother's Day Tea @ 11am (CH)

May 18th: - Yard Sale @ 8am

May 19th: - Beach Clean-Up @ 10am (CH)

June 8th: Summer Kick-off @ 5pm (SB)

June 15th: Fishing w/ Fathers @ 10am (SB)

June 20th Last Day of School Party @ 3pm (MB&EB)

July 12th: Adult Party at the Beach @ 6:30 pm (SB)

July 15th: Lake Pine Days T-Shirt Contest

July 27th Christmas In July @ 3pm (SB)

Aug. 30-Sept. 1 - Lake Pine Days

Sept. 21-Lake Pine Camp Out @4pm (SB)

Oct. 4th- Adult Pumpkin Painting @7pm (CH)

Oct. 19th - Dock or Treat @ 2pm (LP)

Oct. 25th - Halloween Party @ 7pm (CH)

Nov. 27th- Lake Pine Turkey Trot @ 3pm (EB)

Nov. 27th - Thanksgiving Trivia Night @ 7pm (CH)

Dec. 7th-Breakfast with Santa @ 10am (CH)

Dec.8th - Lake Pine Craft Fair@ 10am (CH)

Dec. 12th: Book Club (CH)

Dec.21st - Holiday Lights Contest @5pm (LP)

Dec.21st: Holiday Caroling Party @7pm (CH)


Jan. 7th - Annual Budget Mtg - 7 pm (CH)