Realtors and Future Residents of Lake Pine

Moving to Lake Pine? Showing a house?

Please note that Lake Pine Colony Club is a 501(c)(7) Social Club, not an HOA.
All residents are encouraged to join the Lake Pine Colony Club for its abundance of activities and social opportunities for all ages. Lake Pine is a beautiful, calm lake surrounded by wonderfully caring neighbors.

Buyers, please make sure that the property you are purchasing is up to date with dues, or you'll be subject to a $1500 reactivation fee.

Realtors, title companies, and potential buyers can contact for more information about property dues status.

You can find our By-Laws here: LPCC By-Laws

Feel free to contact us at with any questions or property status inquiries.
We look forward to meeting our new neighbors!

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Sadie jumping into lake
Lake Pine jump
Beach in Winter
Eagle - March 2021
SB Night 1
Parade 2020
Christmas House Decorations
LPD 2014
Kayak Line
Henry thumbs up
Sunset - Jan 3.2022
Koszowski Cup
Fishi by Marthas cuz
Lake Pine lake view
Lake Pine Day
LP Eagle
Dock or Treat
Party at clubhouse