Realtors and Future Residents of Lake Pine

Moving to Lake Pine? Showing a house?

Lake Pine Colony Club is a 501(c)(7) Social Club and not an HOA.
Membership is voluntary and exclusive to the Lake Pine neighborhood. All residents are encouraged to join the Lake Pine Colony Club for its abundance of activities and social opportunities for all ages, as well as to maintain our private lake, beaches, courts, ballfields, and open areas.

Here is the link to the Lake Pine Colony Club By-Laws: LPCC By-Laws

Please find 2024 Lake Pine Colony Club Membership dues information:

Members are required to pay annual dues by February 15th each year to remain in good standing with the club. Reduced rates are offered for Seniors over 70 years old:

Full Access/Recreation Membership = $370/year ($295 Annual dues + optional $75 Recreational Fee )

Full Access/Recreation Senior Membership = $295/year ($220 Annual Dues + optional $75 Recreational Fee)

Members that have a lakefront dock or plan to use our lake, beaches, fields, and/or open areas are required to pay the recreational fee. This fee includes one member tag for every permanent resident in your home as well as five guest tags.

We offer boat decals at $5/boat/year and we have a limited number of Boat Slips which are available for rent at $25/year.

New residents may login to our Members Only portal to update their contact information and to request tags here.

REALTORS and BUYERS are encouraged to verify Member Status as part of the offer process as there is an activation fee for non-members.

Any additional questions can be submitted to

[email protected]

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Henry thumbs up
Sunset - Jan 3.2022
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Fishi by Marthas cuz
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